Friday, March 19, 2010

Faith First

Dear God,

Ever since I was a child, I have felt your presence in a very real way. And, through the years, my Faith and my convictions have become all the stronger as I have grown to be a better Christian. You have given me great teachers… wise grandparents, generous parents, a thoughtful brother, and perhaps the most loving partner the world has ever known. You’ve made it easy for me to give back, because you’ve provided me with so much. Tomorrow, I dive Faith First into an entirely new experience, and I’m counting on you to guide me on my journey to Guatemala.

Lead Me… when I’m feeling scared or vulnerable. Help me to make wise choices, and caution me not to take risks that could put me in harm’s way.

Follow Me… when I am full of joy and doing your work. Know that you have created me not only to serve others but to inspire similar journeys that, at this moment, may only be a thought the size of a mustard seed.

Carry Me… when I feel overcome by sadness and guilt for those whom I cannot help. Blanket me with comfort in knowing that I am just one of your missionaries and that others will rise when they too feel called by you.

Dear Lord, bless my sweet family and open our children’s hearts and minds to a life of service. May they show kindness to friends and strangers, and may they live by your sacred words… “Love One Another.”

And so, the journey begins… Thank you for this day and for the days to come.



  1. AMEN! Beth...have a wonderful trip! May you be blessed as you serve. If you have questions about anything blogging related while you're in Guatemala, just shoot me an email. HUGS and be safe! God bless.

  2. While I am not a Christian, Beth, I am touched by your lovely prayer. Wishing you all that you've asked of God (and more) on this most important journey. I feel blessed to know you and to be able to join you spiritually if not physically this time around.